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Power Hour

What can be accomplished in 60 minutes? A lot

"GreenKite Fundraising is an invaluable resource for advancement guidance and experience in our charitable, mission-driven journey."

        - Mike Quinata, E.D. TVAMRF & GreenKite            Fundraising Power Hour Client


A 60-minute phone or video chat consultation with the GreenKite team will help you identify untapped areas of opportunity and reveal areas of clutter in your fundraising plan and activities.


Your Power Hour results and outcomes:

  • Pin-point assessment of your organization

  • Step-by-step advice tailored specifically to your challenges

  • Confidence to take the next step to raise more money

  • And much more - as determined by you!

We will put 2 or more of our team members on the line and send follow-up notes and action items!

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