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I began my career securing 8(a) minority status for government contract-seeking technology firms, and helped land multi-million dollar contracts with the Department of Education and the Department of Defense. More than 22 years ago, I transitioned to the nonprofit arena as a front-line fundraiser. My expertise in board development, strategic visioning, capital campaigns and major gift solicitation, as well as event planning and management and grant writing is coupled with an unwavering enthusiasm for what I do and what I know to be possible.

The organizations I work with thrive under my leadership advice and coaching, resulting in strong, effective, and collaborative development departments and Boards. In addition to my work, I volunteer extensively. and have served on more than a dozen benefit committees for multi-million dollar fundraising events. I helped author and sign into law, a teen suicide prevention bill in 2005, and I continue to advocate for suicide prevention and other causes because I believe strongly that we can all do our part to make the world a better place.

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The GreenKite Core Team
Dynamic * Caring * Creative * Optimistic

Leslie Pardue
Annette Rauh
Pablo Gomes

Lead Grant Writer & Copy Editor

Operations and R&D

Leslie is by far the most detail-oriented and deadline conscientious grant writer whom I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  I trust her deeply and appreciate her role on our team. 

Leslie: I have extensive experience as a grant writer and have written successful proposals for a wide variety of organizations, including nonprofits working in the areas of human services, senior care, the arts, environment, animal welfare, health care, mental health, and workforce development.  I've written hundreds of published articles on a wide variety of topics, most notably environmental and animal protection issues. I was the News Editor for The Animals’ Agenda Magazine and was a Co-Founder and Contributing Writer to E: The Environmental Magazine. 

I've worked for several nonprofits and small businesses, including The Omega Institute, Capital Area Soccer League, Ceres Press, Sugar Hill Records, and Brother Wolf Animal Rescue,. I spent many years with Duke University, where I served on the school’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and its Staff Sustainability Committee. I've been an active volunteer for animal rescue groups, environmental causes, and hunger prevention organizations.

"Pablo has a keen eye for capturing unique mission moments that become lasting soundbites for our clients. I cannot imagine GreenKite without him!"

Pablo: I am an independent filmmaker and journalist with over 10 years of experience in the media production industry, spanning movies, television, theater, and digital marketing.

Born in Brazil, I hold degrees in both Journalism and Film. I truly believe in the power of communications to help shape a better world and that mission has driven my work throughout my career. As a screenwriter, I have a broad portfolio of scripts for movies and television in Latin America. In addition, I am experienced with media production tools, including animation as well as graphic, motion, and web design.

Beyond my interdisciplinary background, I am curious, optimistic, and innovative. I am fully dedicated to everything I do and truly enjoy learning from others. As someone who has devoted his career to empowering people who do not have a voice, I am honored to serve diverse
nonprofit organizations and join strengths with Heidi Webb to advance GreenKite Fundraising’s mission.

"Annette possesses the knowledge and intuition that every organization should have on its team! Organized, intelligent, and thoughtful, she thinks five steps ahead of every project."  

Annette: I am a skilled nonprofit development professional with over 10 years of experience working for mental health nonprofit organizations. 

Born in Germany, I hold a business degree from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany). My upbringing has infused me with a strong commitment to the value of citizen engagement in the pursuit of social justice. In addition to German, I am fluent in English, have reading knowledge of French, and am learning Spanish.


I have lived for the past 29 years in the Greater Washington DC area, where my husband works for an international organization.

I love the diversity of clients served by GreenKite Fundraising and I am excited to work with such meaningful and impactful missions. I am also excited to work with Heidi Webb again (we worked together for many years and even completed a capital campaign together for a major purchase and relations project). 

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